We evaluate the impacts of regulation on business and provide strategies for compliance and positioning, based in rigorous analysis of quantitative evidence (hard data).

In legal proceedings

In positioning

Economic arguments to defend cases (i.e. mergers & acquisitions, anticompetitive practices, and barriers to competition and essential inputs), before the Economic Competition Commission and the Federal Institute of Telecommunications; including compliance programs design and evaluation and IT forensics analysis.

Economic arguments and quantitative evidence to litigate authority rulings: amparos, expert opinions, damage claims, and fine reductions.

Assessment of economic and commercial implications to firms derived from applicable regulation; definition of strategies to respond to regulations; and statistic and economic arguments to request authorities to change regulation.

Economic and statistical arguments to defend the interests of associations, organizations or individual firms, before the different government levels, or to prepare campaigns in media.

Economic arguments and quantitative evidence to achieve proper positioning in public policy debates; and also to appraise the impact (past or future) of such decisions (e.g. taxation to tobacco and to high-calorie food products, changes to welfare programs, etc.).

Quantification of the impact or contributions derived in the economy/society/environment from firms or projects, with the following dimensions: economicsocial, and/or ecological.