Our Experience

For the firm

  • Pricing (consumer goods and financial services).
  • Forecasting (retail).
  • ABC-Costing (financial services).
  • Stochastic modelling (mining project appraisal).

In the market

  • Effective protection rates (assembly plants, personal care products)
  • Production and trade data systems (footwear, textiles, garments)
  • Foreign trade alert systems (footwear, textiles, garments).

Legal proceedings

  • Mergers before the Economic Competition Commission (e.g. steel, bakery, restaurants, paper).
  • Forensic IT to comply with the Economic Competition Law
  • Economic expert opinions (beverages, energy, transportation).


  • Public policy: Pension funds administrators commissions study
  • Public affairs: impacts of taxes on high-calorie foods
  • Economic footprint: beverages industry