We have sound expertise in business modelling to provide strategic, actionable recommendations to improve performance; that is, we offer well-structured data-driven solutions:

We undertake projects that combine, according to the clients’ needs, applied economics, quantitative methods, and data analysis (data science), in order to provide them with customized high-impact strategic technical elements to improve performance and/or react adequately to the regulatory environment.

We have accomplished successful projects in sectors such as retail, consumer goods, energy, telecommunications, and financial services, among others.

What distinguishes our work?

  • A practical approach for well-supported strategic decision-making for business.
  • Economic and analytical technical rigor and proven capacity to address complex cases.
  • Timely deliverables with a high quality-price ratio for the client.
  • Interdisciplinary work coordination and choice of alliances for the client (e.g. with lawyers).
  • Effective communication with clients on the nature of the work performed and of the resulting deliverables, in order to effectively visualize strategic alternatives and levers of change.