He earned with High Honors a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering at La Salle University, as well as a Master’s in Economics from the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) in Mexico.

In the private sector he has worked mainly as an economic and financial consultant (both, as an associate in firms – SAI Consultores and Cynthus Consulting – or as a freelance) and he has also worked as marketing officer (at Cooper Wiring Devices).

He has also worked In the public sector, as General Director of Market Intelligence of the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE).

In academia, he has taught probability and statistics, mathematics and differential equations.

In the private sector, he started as a consultant of processes and engineering at Cynthus Consulting, where he advised leading firms in aviation and software development. Later, at the firm Cooper Wiring Devices (electric manufacturing), he was responsible for activities such as market intelligence, strategic planning, sales forecasting and projections; he also coordinated projects there on developing global procurement. As a freelance consultant, he has offered advice on access to credit for SME´s and so-called SOFOMES, undertaking financial valuation of projects in mining, rating of financial intermediaries, and follow-up of credit portfolio performance.

He later joined the team of SAI Consultores (SAI) as a Senior Associate in the Economic Consulting practice, where he coordinated economic and statistical activities for projects on: economic competition (mergers & acquisitions, anticompetitive practices); regulatory and public policy analysis (impacts of specific regulations and tariffs on the operation of firms, estimation of inflationary effects on the basic foods basket); economic studies and strategic planning (econometric estimations of demand functions, sales forecasting, assessment of personnel performance indicators, pricing policy design and competitors reaction modeling); damage valuation(economic expert opinion in the automotive sector); and statistical modeling (probabilistic model to estimate the prison population, geostatistical evaluation of gravitational markets, like retail and movie theaters). At SAI he was later Senior Associate in the Foreign Trade practice, where he coordinated antidumping investigations (chicken thighs and legs from the United States, blankets and blenders from China), and he designed and supervised the development of systems of sectoral statistics (trade, production, consumption and dumping alerts for the shoemaking, textiles and garment industries).

In the public sector, he was General Director of Market Intelligence of the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE), where he, for the purpose to detect anticompetitive practices and the starting of ex officio investigations of said authority, successfully assembled and directed a multidisciplinary team performing tasks involving activities of intelligence, data science, economic and legal analyses, and forensic analysis of information technologies. Likewise, he was responsible for the design and implementation of a data laboratory and of statistical and econometric screenings that would reveal patterns of behavior of economic agents.

In academia, he has taught probability and statistics at the high-school level (Tomas Moro School), mathematics as assistant professor at the graduate level (CIDE), and differential equations at the undergraduate level (La Salle University)