We help firms to better assess their business opportunities, both from the internal and the market perspectives, in order to strategically improve their performance.

In the firm

In the market

Better understanding of customers (trends, causal relationships, patterns) to increase the average ticket value, retain customers, attract new clients, improve product mix, monitor relevant variables (KPIs), and propensity scores, cluster analysis, and dashboards.

  • Cost cutting: Activity-based Costing (ABC), inventory and logistics optimizations, optimal location of facilities, operations analysis, procurement design (auctions).
  • Raising revenue: Raising revenue: effective pricing, anticipation of competitors’ reactions, scheduling of production.

Evaluation of strategies and scenarios, appraisal of business plans and marketing, analysis and realignment of incentives.

Risk identification and monitoring, and compliance systems design (color flagging, indicators and dashboards).

Full and dynamic analysis of the going concern’s positioning in the markets, of the value chain, and of opportunities and threats.

Identification of opportunities and threats in/from foreign markets, international procurement, monitoring of trade flows, price competitiveness, foreign trade threats of unfair pricing, and strategies generation.

The acquisition of, or merger with, another firm requires -in addition to the usual financial valuation- relevant prospective information that challenges assumptions and feeds the financial models: value proposition, sales forecasts, rivals in the markets and likely reaction, realistic business goals, capacity for adaptation to changing markets.